Training Rooms

Smart Spider

Whether you have a training room for hands-on team trainings or a classroom for distance learning, you need a flexible setup. Find out everything you need to create the perfect video conferencing enabled training room or classroom in these room profiles.

Classroom / Auditorium

Training Rooms can also be recognized as classrooms. Rows of desk are lined up facing one direction with a monitor and podium or desk at the front of the room. It is critical for this room to be as efficient as possible, with devices that aid in the performance of the room.

1. Stingray DSP Mizer : allows the functionality of the room to remain intact, no matter what the configuration is.
2. Smart Spider : These can be daisy chained for scalable coverage.


Classroom / Auditorium

The MT503 – Smart Spider is a table-top beamforming speakerphone that can be ceiling mounted and daisy-chained making it ideal for any space. The Smart Spider can be used for video conferencing via USB or as a plug-in device for any “smart” device. Available in two colors, choose the suitable for any professional environment.

  • FULL DUPLEX COMMUNICATION – Ensures no one will be cut off when speaking, even if two people are talking at the same time. This allows for a much more natural conversation experience.
  • DAISY CHAIN UP TO 15 UNITS – It doesn’t matter the size of room you need to cover. Add a Phoenix Audio Power Hub into the mix and you can expand your Spider coverage exponentially.
  • BEAMFORMING – Four fixed-direction directional beams with Constant Beamwidth designed to improve noise and echo cancelling as well as overall voice pickup.
  • CEILING MOUNTABLE – The Smart Spider supports a mounting system (sold separately) that allows you to mount units directly to the ceiling. Available in Black and White.
  • USB POWER – The ability to provide power to the device through the USB connection getting rid of the need to use a separate power supply.

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