Home Office Solutions


18,900.00 + GST
The MT202- Duet EXC is a table-top personal speakerphone designed for video conferencing via its USB connection. Its size and durability make it portable and perfect for travel. The Duet PCS is the perfect device for personal use or home office.  

Microphone Arrays

149,900.00 + GST
The Stingray is an all-in-one rack-mountable DSP device that serves as an easy-to-install solution for integrated rooms. It utilizes Phoenix Audio’s proprietary distributed array technology, supporting multiple interfaces, inputs, and offers a built-in amplifier.


65,000.00 + GST
The Smart Spider MT503 is a table-top beamforming speakerphone that can be ceiling mounted and daisy-chained making it ideal for any space. The Smart Spider can be used for video conferencing via USB or as a plug-in device for any “smart” device. Available in two colors, choose the suitable for any professional environment.