Huddle Room Kit (2-6 Participants)

Spider 502 + Leap Lite

Huddle Rooms have been a popular trend in recent years for corporate meeting spaces. A huddle room is a small room consisting of 2-6 participants, equipped with a monitor and audio conferencing device. Spider is a great edition for these rooms because it can be placed on the table, or even mounted on the ceiling.

Huddle Room Kit 2

For a team of 2-6 people, we recommendd Phoenix Audio Spider (PCS502) speakerphone. It is a table top personal speakerphone designed for Video Conferencing. It’s size and durability makes it portable and perfect to travel. It is an perfect device to be used for Huddle Spaces.

The video camera and speakerphone are plug-and-play devices, connect via USB interfaces and are identified by the operating system as video and audio devices. All necessary drivers are installed automatically, so the installation and setup normally takes no more than five minutes.

In the following, we have created a rendering room for 6 seats and it utilizes Spider 202 and Logitech Webcam. This room is perfect for informal conversations, presentations, brainstorming sessions, conferences with remote workers or any number of other collaborations.


SIP Spider MT505

Change the way you conference with the Spider MT505 from Phoenix Audio Technologies. Featuring state of the art acoustics, noise and echo cancellation technologies and a proprietary portfolio of algorithms, the Spider MT505 is the most conference phone on the market. The four powerful microphones, true HD Audio, full duplex, and exceptional broadcasting range ensure crystal-clear, seamless conversations. The Spider MT505 addresses all your audio needs for video conferencing.

  • SIP-telephony & USB soft codec connectivity to address both video conferencing and audio conference meetings. The Spider also supports a three way call bridge between both interfaces to provide maximum flexibility
  • Unparalleled daisy chaining capabilities to up to 14 slave units to cover any size conference room
  • Intuitive and interactive user interface that is incorporated through LED lights discreetly placed throughout the unit
  • Spider comes to life when it is in action and displays only the needed functions depending on the specific scenario to provide an easy to use audio solution for your conference room

Leap Lite

Huddle Room Kit 2

The Leap Lite for Conference Room with Mounting Bracket is a step forward in conference cameras. It features the camera and a display bracket mount that enables mounting your camera to the top or bottom of most display screens and monitors. The lens of Leap lite with a 110°diagonal field of view that is suitable for most meeting or conference rooms.

  • The ultra-wide camera is able to capture all meeting participants in its field of view.
  • Leap lite detects the people in its wide-angle field of view and automatically frames them.
  • The microphone array is software enhanced and delivers optimal vocal clarity, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.
  • True Plug-Play installation takes only seconds using the integrated USB port.
  • Works with most of the video conferencing applications or meeting services