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7,500.00 + GST
The MT320 48-Volt Daisy Chain Power Kit from Phoenix Audio is designed to provide power to multiple Quattro3 speakerphones that have been daisy-chained together. It includes an international socket kit for compatibility with different socket types. I'm just editing this as an example to see if this is the content which i need to check whether this the thing they have been asking for or not they said its only 333 word long and it should be 600 words long to remove the error

Voice Tracker I Array Microphone

30,690.00 + GST
The Voice Tracker I Array Microphone was the original implementation of our patented, automatically and electronically steering, “listening beam” technology. It has been in production since 2002, and has proven to be extremely rugged and reliable.

Voice Tracker III

51,623.00 + GST
Acoustic Magic has been manufacturing and selling the Voice Tracker I scanning-beamforming array microphone since 2002. More than 18,000 have been sold. It has been proven to be reliable, easy to use and capable of picking up talkers clearly at ranges as far as 30 feet, with a 360 degree field of view.