SRT Streaming using Pearl Nano with Techmen Media

SRT Streaming using Pearl Nano with Techmen Media

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SRT Streaming using Pearl Nano with Techmen Media

Our Client, Techmen Media formerly Visual Education is a full-service medical conference AV production and surgical video Broadcast company that partners with purpose-driven Hospitals, Doctors, Surgeons, Medical brands, and EduTech companies to help them deliver high-quality conferences using the latest technology solutions. We are 30+ Years in this industry.

Interview with out client Techman Media, regarding Epiphan Pearl Nano.

SRT Streaming using Pearl Nano with Techmen Media

Why did you choose Epiphan Pearl Nano, Did you use/evaluate any other product prior to using the Pearl nano?

We chose pearl nano for flexibility to record, stream from a single device while having both professional & semi-pro I/O for audio & video.

Which features are most valuable to you of the Pearl Nano?

The main features which we are using the pearl nanos for are:
1. H.265/HEVC Encoding
2. Remote contribution using SRT to our cloud environment.
3. Ability to pre-config several streaming destinations prior and ability to choose them through the front panel for streaming needs.
4. 4K resolution.

Epiphan Pearl Nano

Please give a brief of your application and share a small case history, What are you trying to solve by using the Pearl nano? How has the Pearl Nano helped you in achieving your setout goal and business?

Recently we did a project for a State conference of Orthopedic Association, where we need to bring in high def. live ortho surgical feeds from 4 different hospitals to the venue. Usually we do fiber transmission for these applications, but the operating centers & venues are in different corners of the city. so we needed a stable device to do remote SRT streams with sub ms delay to the venue and get back the feed from the venue. We built a remote kit for each location which included pearl nano to be the encoder & stream to our cloud SRT server and transmit to the venue side, and also used it as a secondary backup recorder. We also used the cloud control feature to remotely monitor the feeds and troubleshoot if needed. It was a grand success & was a major highlight of the conference.

SRT Streaming using Pearl Nano with Techmen Media

 How easy is it to use the Pearl Nano?

It is very easy to configure through the front panel, and even the GUI is very neatly laid out.

How would you rate the value for money?

It’s more like a tool than a device, it’s there when you need it. Great value for money.

Feedback from our client Mr. Shrikant Shriram

Excellent support from Qtech, sales team. They know about the product very well technically. I was able to get tech support within a day through their email with a prompt solution for the queries.  

– Mr Shrikant Shriram, CEO, Techmen Media

SRT Streaming using Pearl Nano with Techmen Media

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